Webinar: Continuous Validation of Your Revenue Technology Center of Excellence

Recorded Live October 27, 2021

This free webinar offers training and guidance for marketing operations, sales operations, and revenue operations practitioners.

In this webinar, Jomar Ebalida, a revenue technology practitioner, will show how he tackles the challenge of mapping the buying journey with the ongoing and evolving revenue technologies (marketing, sales, customer tools). He will explain how he prioritizes technology tools and helps digitally transform enterprise companies while making sure lead processes are continuously validated.

Viewers will learn how to:

  • Create a buying journey swim lane that links teams, systems, data, and reports (free template) 
  • Expose data gaps in your revenue technology systems
  • Be proactive instead of reactive in managing and troubleshooting problems in complex revenue technology systems 
  • Create live lead process documentation to help onboard new marketing and sales operations 
  • Understand the difference between foundation vs. demand gen. processes and how to continuously validate and emulate the prospect journey throughout your instances

You can access the resources presented in the workshop here:

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Jomar Ebalida

Jomar Ebalida is a digital transformation practitioner focusing on strategic execution of revenue technology throughout global organizations. Jomar has experience helping scale unicorn companies and digitally transforming enterprise revenue technology stacks. He also has experience working in a Marketo agency, has over 11 years working with Hubspot and as a Salesforce admin, developer, and architect, and has helped transform a global Pardot instance for scale and functionality. He is currently digitally transforming a global law firm as the head of revenue technology.

Areal Sasso

Ariel Sasso

Ariel Sasso has a strong background in marketing technology, automation, and analytics. She thrives as a Subject Matter Expert and troubleshooting genie. She is currently the co-host for the Technical Resource Center for MO Pros.